Our doctors are experts who perform vasectomy safely and effectively.  The procedure is the most common method of male permanent birth control.  Since vasectomy only disrupts the delivery of sperms, your sexual drive, pleasure, and ability remain intact.  The vasectomy is done in our clinic in approximately 20-30 minutes under a local anesthetic.  Recovery is quick, and the patient usually can return to work after 3-5 days.  The doctor will order a post vasectomy semen analysis to confirm sterility a few months after the procedure.  The failure rate is less than 1 percent.  You should only consider a vasectomy by our physicians if both you and your partner are absolutely sure about not wanting children in the future. 

For women tubal ligation is the way to achieve female sterilization.  However this requires general anesthesia, a visit to the hospital and has risks associated with an abdominal surgery.  In contrast, vasectomy in men is simpler, cheaper, and takes far less time to recover than tubal ligation.  Therefore most physicians recommend male rather than female sterilization to couples.


Vasectomy Reversal

Approximately one in one hundred men who had a vasectomy requests for its reversal.  The reversal procedure, or vasovasostomy, is done under general anesthesia and takes approximately 3 hours.  The success rate is related to the "age" of the vasectomy, that the chances of success are higher within 3 years after vasectomy.  Overall fertility can be expected in approximately 50% of all cases.

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